Capital Fireplaces was established over 28 years ago to supply high quality, elegant and affordable fireplaces crafted from natural materials. Since then we have expanded and developed to become one of the leading UK suppliers of a wide range of superior fireplace products. Contact Home Heat on 01273 814600 for more details on the luxury range of fireplaces from Capital.

Home Heat is an authorised distributor and installer for Capital Fireplaces.

DEFRA included wood-burning stoves in their 2019 Clean Air Strategy, their aim by doing this is to reduce the number of harmful emissions that affect air quality by ensuring stove manufacturers improve the performance and efficiency of their stoves.

By January 2022 it will be the law that all solid fuel appliances sold after that date have to be Eco Design Compliant. To be Eco Design Compliant, stoves will need to significantly improve emissions when compared to current stoves on the market or to open fires. At Capital, we launched our first range of fully-compliant Eco 2022 Ready Stoves in 2018. We were proud to do this knowing we were one of the first companies to have stoves that were already achieving the necessary standards.